MOT Testing Class 4 

An MOT can seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be. We will test your car's safety - it's all computerised and we will advise if there are any areas which need to be improved to ensure your car meets the necessary standards.

As the diagram above shows the MOT test covers all the major areas of your vehicle where safety is an issue.
Brunel Motors is approved by the Government appointed Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and all MOT tests are completed by MOT testers nominated by VOSA.

Now you can arrange an appointment online and have an MOT test completed up to one month before the expiry of your MOT.

Why not service your car at the same time as your MOT? With trained technicians, the latest diagnostic equipment, guaranteed parts and labour - why pay more elsewhere?

The test we carry out is not a matter of opinion - but a matter of law and is there to protect you and your family from a possible mechanical failure that could put you and them at risk. That is why our MOT testers have all achieved the necessary qualifications to meet this demanding task