Air Conditioning Service and Repairs


We can regas vehicles with 134a and 1234yf gas. Call us for the best prices in town



We can provide you with full air conditioning and repair services. Air conditioning systems require periodic maintenance to ensure maximum performance, and to keep your air conditioning working well throughout the year.

Our technicians are fully qualified, experienced and have specialist air conditioning knowledge to ensure you get a perfect result.


Did you know it is illegal for your vehicles air conditioning to be worked on by unqualified personnel? We have the qualifications, the knowledge and equipment to cope with any automotive air conditioning faults. Our services range from straight forward recharging or full system servicing up to complex fault diagnosis and leak detection.


                                                                                            LEAK TESTING



When a vehicle is presented to us for a recharge we always assess the system first. If the system is empty and we suspect a leak then we always advise the customer to have a nitrogen leak test carried out, as it is illegal and harmful to charge a system with refrigerant knowing or suspecting it has a leak and is also a waste of money as more often than not the system would fail again in a short space of time.








Failing to find a leak on nitrogen pressure tests leave one thing left. Loktracer testing and scanning all
 your AC Components for traces of the gas. This is a very thin gas that can leak from the smallest of holes finding every leak possible. The down fall is that the process can be a lengthy process and costs allot more to undertake. Prices start from
£65 for loktracer and is dependent on labour removing parts to scan unseen parts



Prices for AC Regasing are FROM £45.00 inc VAT
Prices for AC Nitrogen testing are £60.00 inc VAT


Need a breath of fresh air?


Aircon / Ventilation sterilisation service starting from £15.00 Inc VAT