Healthy living for all vehicles. Treat your motor to a terraclean and unlock more performance, MPG and better emissions
Professional ECU Remapping. One of the cheapest in the area. Contact us for more details
The oneoff cleaning service. Remove carbon buildup that no other service can.

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Christmas Holidays

We are now closed untill 2nd January 2018.

Brunel Motors would like to wish all our current and possible future customers a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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Brake Alignment 

Prices start from £40 + VAT | Full Service from £80 + VAT

Why Align Your Brakes

Doesn't your car have any braking problems??

In the article in the Dutch car magazine Autokampioen, 12 important passenger cars were tested. 10 of these 12 tested cars have major braking problems. In this list of problem cars are for instance the highly respected Volkswagen Passat, the Toyota Avensis and the Nissan Primera. Problems that can be solved for ever by aligning the brake disc.